Behind the scenes


"If you can eat it, I can make it." 

Chey has always enjoyed discovering the origin of EVERYTHING. Whether its people or food, there's always a story! Her passion is no exception. Using that curiosity, she would learn about unique treats and their history. With lots of successes and failures, it became a competition with herself to perfect everything she made. 

After lots of self lessons, she decided to go to culinary school at Thompson Rivers University. Two years flew by and she graduated at the top of the class. From there, she knew her dream was to open her own bakery; thus began the start of Chey can Bake in 2018. With her years of experience in the food industry and her Business Diploma, she brings you trending foods as well as a twist on old classics.



But where did all of this begin?  The answer is, Taipei, Taiwan! As soon as Chey was old enough, she would help her mom and apo (grandma) in the kitchen whenever she could. She started baking when she was in elementary school after her parents moved them to Canada. With Chey's family and friends as taste testers, she got to hear honest feed back and used that to strengthen her skills. As a result of those experiments, Chey not only excels in baking but pastries, cooking, and even chocolate! As she refined her technique, Chey has created her own signature style. Baking is more than a past-time; it is a channel for her creativity. There's nothing better than fusing the perfect taste with beautiful presentation, to make every vision a work of art. 


Cheyenne Wickham, or better know as Chey, is the artist behind all of the products at Chey can Bake. With the help of her clients and her artistic ingenuity, together they form a concept for their dream cake.

Throughout her life, art has been her #1 hobby. Whether it was painting, crocheting, or piano, Chey always stepped out of her comfort zone and tried different art forms so she can gather new knowledge and skill. When she discovered baking, Chey knew she had found yet another medium for her to explore. Little did she know, it would become a love and obsession.